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I started coming to Equilibrium Zen Gym and seeing George Gantt and the other practitioners a year and a half ago. When I started coming to Equilibrium Zen Gym, I was dealing with a chronic illness, severe fatigue and kidney issues. For about 8 months during this time I had two nephrostomy bags. I was also on 4 different prescriptions for various ailments.

Since coming to Equilibrium Zen Gym, I am off ALL the prescriptions, I no longer have the nephrostomy bags, I have my energy back and I feel like my old self again. Equilibrium Zen Gym is different than other gyms. George and the other practitioners have shown me that I can take charge of my health and my destiny. They focus on the WHOLE person... the body, mind and spirit. I am getting healthier and stronger everyday and I have no doubt George and Equilibrium Zen Gym has been the reason for my healing and continued improvement.

Susan Sullivan, General Manager
Health Concern: Cancer Survivor

I met George in the 1980's when I was weighing 230 lbs. at 5' 6" tall and getting bigger. When George was working with the City of Greenville he asked me "why was I holding on to it", meaning my excess weight. He told me he envisioned a better physique underneath the excess pounds and offered me a free aerobic class three times a week.

Thinking about the health challenges of my family and watching my Father's health deteriorate, I decided to enroll in his classes. In 1989 I started working out with George. After 6 weeks I had lost 5 lbs. Six weeks later I had lost another 5 lbs. from just attending the classes and giving up that heavy dinner meal. George suggested I trade the scales for a tape measure to judge my weight lost. I stopped using the scale and begin to measure my weight by how my clothes fit.

When George left the City of Greenville, I follow him around Greenville to various locations. Twenty-one years later and holding my weight to between 195 and 205, I am still attending his TaiChi aerobic class.

In September 2009, I began attending his Medical Qigong Class. My goal is to balance out my body functioning and better control health issues without prescriptions as I get older.

Michael Chatman, Project Manager
Health Concern: Family History of Diabetes

Since coming to George Gantt's Qigong classes I have stopped using my inhalers. I have not used my inhalers for 4 months now and have not had any problems.

Marion Lawrence, Retired
Health Concern: Asthma

I would be remiss if I didn't express how wonderful I felt after having the Acutapping & Intuitive Massage special combination. In the past I would get massages every two weeks, but when I left I still felt the same or sometimes even worse. It was like they never quite reached the spot. Oh. My. Goodness! That was NOT the case after leaving you & Ingrid. I not only received physical relief, I was emotionally and mentally refreshed and poor Ingrid had to endure my snoring. I highly recommend everyone have a George and Ingrid experience. I promise you won't regret it!!!

DeVette L. Green, CEO
Honeybee Networks, LLC

On March 3rd, 2 yrs ago at the age of 53, Brian had a stroke. At that time he was working in counter sales with a plumbing supply company. Due to the nature of his stroke he is paralyzed on his right side. He went through physical and occupational therapies and learned how to walk with a cane although he was paralyzed. Since he started therapy with Ingrid, he is getting feeling back on his right side. We truly believe Brian would not have made as much progress as he has if it had not been for Ingrid. She was amazing with him.

Brian and Connie Wilson – Lab Technician
Health Concern: Stroke

This is my testimony of the benefits received here at equilibrium Zen Gym. Being a strong believer in natural healing you have to be pro-active your approach... Taking charge of your life is the first step. Having had acupuncture the knee pain and carpal tunnel no longer exist. Medical Qigong has re-opened my eyes to the craziness that goes on in the foods and drugs that some of us consume everyday. The wealth of information given has continually kept me on the edge of my seat. The Intuitive Massage has worked out the kings and after having practiced the Art of QiGong mu energy level is off the charts. I am truly thankful to have become a part of equilibrium and the benefits received are greatly appreciated...

Eric Canty - Councilor
Health Concern: Knees, Carpal Tunnel in Hands

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