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What is TaiChi?
Beginner Tai Chi – George Gantt

TaiChi is a Chinese Martial Art that is primarily practiced for its health benefits, including a means for dealing with tension and stress. It emphasizes complete relaxation and is essentially a form of meditation, or what has been called "Meditation in Motion." Unlike hard Martial Arts, TaiChi is characterized by soft, slow, flowing movements that emphasize force, rather than brute strength. Though it is soft, slow and flowing, the movements are executed precisely.
Beginner Medical Qigong
Five Element Theory – Ingrid Harris

This class is designed to bring to life the five elements, used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years as a way of understanding and relating to the nature and movement of life. We will learn what the five elements are, how they manifest in nature and in human beings. This will be a practical overview for those interested in fundamental principles of Chinese Medicine and philosophy. Participants will leave with a good beginning knowledge and it will make the Intermediate class more comprehensible and interesting. The Five Element theory is a complex set of observations, correspondences, and relationships. Identifying and treating an Element that is out of balance can restore harmony to the body, mind, and spirit.

Intermediate Medical Qigong
Exercises for Health and Longevity – George Gantt

Qigong is the father of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is over 5000 years old. When the Yellow Emperor spoke about his secrets of longevity, his students listened and wrote them down. He fathered 25 children and was vital and powerful even at the age of 100. Aside from the use of high energy foods and herbs, the Yellow Emperor's main secret was Qigong. Many Qigong practitioners show profound anti-aging effects, often looking decades younger than their actual age. Some also possess an incredible ability to heal other people. Most notably Qigong is used for improving digestion (bigger bowel movements / enhanced detoxification), strengthening blood circulation, keeping a strong immune system and overall – extending lifespan. How does Qigong accomplish this? Simple… Chi moves the blood. It improves microcirculation to the brain, vital organs, intestines, endocrine glands and moves blood to avenues of microcirculation that most people are not realizing. This increased Chi or blood flow leads to the accumulation of what Chinese Medicine calls "Jing" or special fluids (hormones). And although this may sound like a Qigong commercial, this leads to an increased sex drive, higher levels of secretion of growth hormone and extraordinary muscular endurance. It is quite possibly the most powerful for of exercise on Earth. Its recent surge in popularity has been a result of Qigong's fun and dynamic movements of practice. Magnetic energy fields are formed and created in a slow graceful manner. The Chi literally throbs and pulsates in your hands. Some say it's the most tangible experience of the spiritual life force energy.

QiGong excercises for health

World TaiChi and QiGong Day 2010

World Tai Chi and QiGong Day 2010 World Tai Chi and QiGong Day 2010 World Tai Chi and QiGong Day 2010
World Tai Chi and QiGong Day 2010 World Tai Chi and QiGong Day 2010 World Tai Chi and QiGong Day 2010