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The General Qigong Exercise Class consists of 5 Qigong Exercises,
as well as the Ready Position and Closing Procedure as follows:
Ready Position
The opening posture for all of our Qigong exercises begin with the Ready Position. It is perhaps one of the most important lessons in the program, because it is used as a foundation for everything else.
Empty Force
It becomes clear after only two minutes of practice that this is a very powerful thing to do. It is suspected that Empty force (a.k.a. Standing on Stake) was one of the first Qigong exercises ever conceived, and its still one of the best. It is used by thousand of Qigong and Wushu schools. It is classified as a mild form of "Hard Qigong" because you will hold your arms in the postures for extended periods of time. This required a minor amount of willpower, however there is a strong magnetic force that envelopes your hands and entire body, which easily gives everyone enough strength to finish the routine.
Cloud Hands
The energy and movements of Cloud Hands can make you feel like you are an Eagle with large wings. Cloud Hands emphasizes the use of sincere movement and awareness of subtleties such as:
1. How to hold and position the wrists.
2. How to allow the Qi to assist the movements.
3. How to focus and contain the Qi to Facilitate maximum circulation of energy through your body as you practice Cloud Hands, your Lungs get used to opening bigger. The large chest expansion helps the energy of the heart and lungs. Cloud Hands naturally improves breathing.
Earth Hands
Floating Hands would be another good name for this Qigong exercise. It feels like the arms lift by themselves as Qi pours out of the palms making the practice seem effortless. This Qigong exercise is for the lower portion of the body. Collecting Qi we strengthen our hips, legs & reproductive organs. In Chinese medicine the Earth represents our legs and abdomen. When we descent our arm in this exercise we release the energy to wash over our vital center.

Around the World
Ancient Qigong practitioners have used variations of this exercise to build energy for 1000's of years. You will create a sphere of Qi by repeatedly rotating palms over the surface of the ball. It has been observed that many high level Qigong Healers use ball making rotations similar to this exercise for giving their patients healing. Also noteworthy is the waist rotations help improve the digestion/elimination systems. Some have called this system "Colon Cleansing Qigong".
Hand to Hand Energy Transfer
Sending Energy from one Hand to the other involves the "mental direction" of energy to another hand. The result is that the receiving hand has "Double Qi" and now pulses twice as strong as before. As crazy as that might sound, the feeling is so profound from "Sending Energy from one Hand to the other" that it can literally assist in your body's movement. With more practice the force of Qi will gradually increase. The ancient Qigong expressions says, "Let the Qi move you."
Closing Procedure
The closing procedure is extremely important because it tells your body that your practice is completed and to seal away the energy inside of you (your lower Dan Tien). You are concentrating the Qi and putting it away in the lower abdomen for storage. This is the best place to keep surplus energy.

The entire exercise takes about 30 to 40 Minutes. The lesson will be concluded with about 20 to 30 Minutes Taoist Stretching, Over time I will add Qigong Meditation and/or Qigong Walking to the class.
Taoist Stretching
These are unique "warrior style" stretches to keep your body flexible and strong. Taoist stretching will help you to increase your energy flow. Some of the exercises come from yoga, some are isometric push/pull stretches. The routine covers every major muscle in the body and can be gradually worked towards as some stretches may not be fully accessible to all people. During the stretching I will also focus more on breathing. Only do what you can. Love it all.
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