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Equilibrium's practitioners base their work on Traditional Chinese Medicine such as Acupuncture, Acutapping, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Counseling, Reflexology, Reiki and Massage.

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) takes a less aggressive approach than conventional medicine. TCM practitioners believe that an illness is caused by more than one factor, such as an inner problem that has weakened the body's natural defenses. TCM heals by strengthening the body, removing any obstacles to well-being as well as improving the energy flow. Everything is aimed at strengthening and healing the whole self, including the non-physical, such as the spiritual and emotional level; rather than identifying and attacking certain unwanted symptoms. TCM practitioners will work on the symptoms as well, to make the patient more comfortable while dealing with the deeper problem. What they don't do is work on the symptoms alone, since suppressing the symptoms will force the problem to express itself in some other way. Continually suppressing symptoms without treating the root problem, the ailment will go on getting worse, causing even more serious effects and finally damaging the entire system.

  Meet our practitioners
George Gantt George Gantt - Acutapping, Medical Qi Gong
About the Sower

George Gantt began his career in natural healing by way of his own personal experience in early 1970's. He suffered a severe knee injury in 1971 playing football at a junior college in Virginia and underwent three major surgeries all in hopes that not only would he be able to walk again; but also play football. George did make a comeback and was able to finish out a successful season at the junior college and received a three year scholarship at North Carolina State University - with the provision that his knee be 100% before the 1972 football season. Without professional therapy, George managed to get his speed time to a 4.5 second 40 yard dash. The coaches were impressed, but with the first game approaching - it was time for physical contact. Even though the speed was excellent, George still suffered a noticeable limp and the other teams keyed in on the injury. The knee was re-injured which sent George back to his own physical therapy. Hours of stretching, weight lifting and running was now on his agenda.

One afternoon after a long workout as George was walking back to his dorm he noticed one of the professors, Dr. Greg Hong Lee practicing "TaiChi". He was captivated by the slow smooth movements. He watched until the professor was done and introduced himself. George commented on the TaiChi and asked if Dr. Lee would teach him these movements. At this time in our society it was forbidden for the "westerners" to know this ancient secret. And this was explained to George, however, Dr. Lee asked for George to meet him the following day and he would teach him what he could. George and Dr. Lee met twice and Dr. Lee taught George the movements that would heal his knee. They were only able to meet on two occasions, but this movement was practiced every day by George and quickly his knee began to heal faster than usual. He improved so much that he was able to play football in the 1972 season. This took the North Carolina Wolfpacks to a victory at the 1972 Peach Bowl.

The rest of the team noticed others changes in George; as he continued to practice the moves of TaiChi. They dubbed him "Super Gantt" and "Sweet Gee" as they watched him move differently when he caught the football. He was moving with smoothness and grace. Still only practicing (in private) what he learned from Dr. Lee on those two occasions, he led the North Carolina Wolfpacks to the 1973 Liberty Bowl Championship, ACC Championship in 1973 and the Astro Bluebonnet Bowl in 1974 and was ranked number nine in the United Press Poll in 1974. This allowed him to walk on as a free agent in 1975 with the World Football League in Charlotte, NC and in 1976 the National Football League in Atlanta, GA.

George continued to practice his TaiChi in private until 1980. His father was diagnosed with cancer and the doctors only gave him 1 year to live. After 6 months of western medicine, George explained his method of healing to his father, who agreed to try this "new" medicine. George introduced his father to special herbal teas, a new way of eating, exercises, and of course what he knew of TaiChi. His father was soon walking two to three miles a day and feeling much better. His father lived until November 1989. George's mother passed away two years later.

In 1987 George was employed by the City of Greenville as a program specialist. His job was to create and instruct health and wellness programs for the city of Greenville's government employees and the community of Greenville. He was also voted to be the 1988 and 1989 Recreation and Parks Administrative Chairman of Health and Wellness for the state of South Carolina. In 1993 George left the city of Greenville to pursue his education in Chinese medicine.

In 1993 he began his training and was certified with Susan Wang and Dr. Jimmy Huang, O.M.D for acupuncture, Chinese herbs and Chinese healing massage. Dr. Wang and Dr. Huang currently practice Chinese medicine in Charlotte, NC.

He also studied with Master Chunan Jiang from Hunan, China in 1993. Master Chunan was here in the United States to establish a facility for Chinese medicine. George was certified as a TaiChi. instructor and learned the yang style TaiChi. from Master Chunan.

George met Master Pei sheng Wong from Beijing, China at an TaiChi. convention in Winchester, VA in 1993. Master Wong was 74 years old at that time and his stature was that of a much younger man. He was well known in all of Asia and the UK for his healing TaiChi. and Qigong. At the end of the convention, George and Master Wong exchanged addresses and George expressed his interest to learn more TaiChi. from Master Wong. An open invitation from Master Wong prompted George to save enough money to make the trip to China; and he did so in 1995. He studied with Master Wong for 3 months and came back to the United States to share his knowledge of healing as he still practices today.

George has been able to share this information to others by way of seminars, classes, radio and television interviews. He has taught classes at Furman University, Converse College, St. Francis Hospital, Greenville Hospital System, and Mary Black Hospital, Power House Gym and Pivotal Fitness Center. He currently teaches classes at his gym, Equilibrium Zen Gym in Greenville, SC and South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities in Greenville, SC. His classes include TaiChi., Qigong, Acutapping, Aerobics, Core Training, personal one-on-one training, and personal consultations concerning your health and what herbs and exercises can help you heal - the natural way.
Ingrid Harris

Ingrid Harris - Massage Therapist
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I graduated from Carolina Bodywork Institute in February of 2008. A 500 hour state accredited program that included Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, Swedish, Deep Tissue and Eastern courses. In May of 2008 I received the National Certificate in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and in August 2007 I received my Reiki Master Certificate. As I continue to expand my knowledge, experience and expertise in bodywork, I attend workshops and classes as often as possible to enhance my skills to better serve my clients.

Prior to becoming a massage therapist in 2008, I worked in the corporate world for 24 years. I received a degree in Business Administration from the City of Frankfurt am Main in Germany in 1984.

What I love most about my work is the fact that it can help people change patterns of their lives. We are dynamic human beings; we are always changing, our cells, blood, and breath always in motion. Thus, even though a pattern has been set, it can be altered. On a physical level, the muscle fibers can be moved, stretched, expanded, and a chronic pain eased. On a physiological level, energy can return and headaches cease. On an energetic and emotional level, people can begin to peel away layers that have held them captive, they can begin to make friends with unpleasant feelings and memories, and those feelings can start to transform.

I find a sense of purpose in helping others and fully realize the importance of touch in one's life. The thought of aiding people to heal with the placement of loving, respectful hands is empowering and I enjoy helping as many people as I can.